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The Client - Wealth Manager Relationship

You visit the same dentist semi -annually, the same family practitioner annually, and probably use the same specialist for your lawn care or other specific home and automotive repairs.  Yet consumers of financial products typically have multiple unaligned financial relationships.  Investment accounts, Risk Management Solutions, Pension accounts, and Estate Plans, if addressed, are implemented in the absence of an advisor committed to the suitability and sustainment of all components in the client’s Wealth Management Profile.  Spending decisions that compete with long term financial preparedness are often made without consulting an advisor; to satisfy desirements as opposed to requirements; and typically without consideration of taxation impacts or estate transfer objectives, which are often unarticulated.  

A Client - Wealth Manager Relationship with David R. Coughlin, CFP® is:

  • A private and enduring relationship
  • A commitment by both parties to remain engaged on all decisions that impact the client wealth posture
  • A continuous cycle of discernment and alignment 

David R. Coughlin Wealth Management has over two decades experience with human behavior and the discipline of managing wealth.  Contact David R. Coughlin, CFP® for a no cost, no obligation consult.